Why Use Managed IT Services

Why Use Managed IT Services

Managed service providers have been around for decades, but the newfound resurgence in their popularity could be attributed to three ways to change the IT outsourcing model: providing a more complex infrastructure, reducing costs and risks and boosting innovation.

How does your business stand to benefit from outsourcing IT with a managed service provider?

You can reduce your costs

Faster response time

Managed service providers are flexible enough to work with your schedule. If you are interested in reducing response times for critical IT issues, managed services can keep your business systems up and running without having to hire extra resources or add additional hardware.

Better innovation

The latest technology trends can be difficult to incorporate on your own without the ability to afford the new equipment. With managed services, you can troubleshoot and implement new technologies before they go live.

It’s been said that technology is something you learn when you have to learn it and not when you want it. When it comes to technology, there are different skill sets that are needed for every task or project. This is where outsourcing IT can help your business.


When you outsource IT services to a managed service provider, it can make sense to contract with one large managed service provider and outsource your IT infrastructure from them. This is referred to as “cloning.”

Risk management

By contracting in even greater volumes, you can address cost savings while still controlling risks by outsourcing to a third party.


If you are interested in customizing a managed service provider to your specific needs, this approach may have some drawbacks. However, it can be the best way to learn how to do things right.

Internal expertise

With a managed service provider, you should be able to bring internal IT staff up to speed quickly and customize the solution that works best for your business.

The “managed service provider model” is rapidly gaining popularity

This model allows companies to have their IT outsourced to a dedicated provider, simplifying the process of upgrading and maintaining it as they go along without having to worry about the long-term consequences of such actions.

True MSPs provide onsite expertise by leveraging their retained technical staff to provide a complete service. Their client base spans from small business and home office users through the enterprise, federal government and the education sector.

While true MSPs are becoming more popular in the marketplace, it is also important to note that various levels of managed service providers (MSPs) have varying degrees of experience serving customers.

Final Thoughts

If you want to stay on top of the latest technology trends or need assistance with a new technology platform, managed service providers can be vital in keeping your business competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

The bottom line is that managed services provide a way for you, as a small to mid-sized business, to keep up with the changes in technology without having to worry about learning how to use it.