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OUtcome-based marketing

The largest problem with scaling up your own business in today’s ever-evolving market is figuring out how you can address people’s needs by offering value rather than “everything for the price of nothing” but there are many ways to do this.

With this in mind, we’ve reshaped Bowens, a respected, well-established, and experienced Business Solutions company, a specialist IT business solutions, consulting services and world leader in human resources outsourcing.

We are experts in business services covering all major sectors, including finance, insurance, technology, retail and telecoms, to name a few. The range of products on offer is second to none, and its customers include some of the largest names in the USA economy.

What We Do

Give Your Business The Streamlined Operations it Deserves

We have assembled a team of highly qualified and expert professionals to deliver outstanding quality solutions for all your business needs. At this point, we start experiencing a greater degree of success as more and more customers are getting genuine value by outsourcing their business needs.

Bowens offers a wide range of IT and business services with the vision to provide each client with the best possible solution for their every need.

Outsourcing your business needs is a great way to reduce costs and capitalize on the skills of professional, highly experienced individuals who are part of our team. We have the most advanced technology and tools that enable us to accelerate your business growth by offering you a cost-effective solution.

For your convenience, we also offer fully managed services and remote jobs in which we only need to perform a few hours of work for you on a monthly basis.

Our team of experts can help you to solve your business issue by offering your business process outsourcing. We can create a sound strategy that will help you avoid wasting valuable time and resources, and money on unnecessary actions.

As a trusted partner of the world’s leading IT companies, Bowens is able to meet all the standards and requirements necessary for the safe outsourcing of your data.

At Bowens Business Solutions, we take pride in the agility and speed at which we serve our clients. We make sure that work is assigned to the most appropriate resources and all of our experts are ready to deliver.

We have an offshore software testing services team that works on a daily basis with the latest tools and methodologies in quality management system standards. Our offshore team is also very flexible and accustomed to working around the clock when needed.

At Bowens, we believe that the quality of our business consulting is one of the most important factors in a company’s success. We demonstrate this by working with each and every client to offer them personalized solutions based on their specific needs.

We only take on clients who understand the importance of offering minimum service in the maximum amount required. We are convinced that maximizing revenue achieved from each client is the best way to grow your business and increase profitability.

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Our Experience

Our client base is huge and includes a lot of organizations. It includes The Chief Administrative Office of the House (Hill Support Contractor), Department of Homeland Security (Lockheed Martin Contractor), Social Security Administration (Maximus Federal Services Contractor), to name a few.