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Get Clarity On The Needs Of Your Business - Make Your Life Easier | Utilize The Power Of The Bowens Team

Entrepreneurship is hard work, and as much as you might want to be able to do everything on your own, sometimes it’s in your best interest to outsource particular tasks. Learning how to find the workers who can complete this work for less than you while still maintaining quality is key.

Never fear, though - we've got a wide range of services that can help you!

The struggle between quality and cost often proves insurmountable for entrepreneurs looking for external help. What about finding people with skills that match your needs but at a price point within your budget?

Since 2019, we’ve been serving clients worldwide by matching them with capable and affordable workers. Our goal was to develop a system to help our business clients identify outsourced services that would meet their needs while remaining within their budgets.

The end result is a proprietary algorithm that quickly identifies workers with specific skill sets and rates them based on several factors, including:

For years, we, our clients, and other service providers have used these three factors to evaluate the quality and cost of outsourced work. 

However, in recent years we’ve developed an additional factor – a fifth factor, which is critical to the success of a client’s outsourcing solution. 

This fifth factor is simply referred to as “clarity”, and it helps clients maintain quality while reducing costs.

So how can a worker's clarity be determined? It starts with the clarity of the clients' needs.

A project manager with 40 years of experience is likely able to determine a client’s needs more clearly than a novice designer or developer. 

While this experienced project manager may not have the same experience in certain aspects of design or development, such as creating sites for mobile devices or search engine optimization, working with our team can give you the upper hand. 

Understanding the layers of clarity for each type of service is critical to your success, and it’s why we’ve developed our own startup criteria within Bowens:

Clarity is the key to reducing costs and maintaining quality. Understanding the various layers of clarity within your business will help you make better decisions about whom to use for your outsourcing needs. 

We’ve discovered that most startups tend to underestimate their needs for outsourcing services. Clarity can help you overcome this issue by creating a culture of efficiency and cost containment within your company, allowing you to reduce costs without compromising quality.

Get started and reap the rewards of your hard work. Find a new level of clarity in this era of outsourcing.